Haruo Nakajima article! (Famous Monsters 145, July 1978)

Not a very good title (it's a play on the title of a Gregory Peck movie, if you don't know), but an interesting article all the same, from Famous Monsters #145.  Nakajima played the big G all through the classic run of 1954-1975, as well as many other big-name Toho monsters.  The details on the lengths he went to in his portrayal of Rodan were very interesting, and showed he was serious about his craft.  Enjoy!


buzz said...

Teensy-weensy nit: Title is a pun on the Gregory Peck movie The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit which was about advertising. Alec Guiness' film was The man In The White Suit & was a sci-fi comedy about a man who made indestructible cloth

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I stand corrected! You are completely right. I am amazed at the deterioration of my memory sometimes (thanks, migraine medicines, for all the "help" you give me...)
Thanks for pointing that out; I've corrected the post.