Trendmasters Godzilla Micro Playsets: #5 - Godzilla vs. G-Force in Mecha-King Ghidorah Central Command (1995)

Now that we are done with Godzilla-shaped sets, we move on to this playset, the title of which is a mouthful.  It must have been equally confusing to curious fans to see Ghidorah made into a "Mecha-King," and it must have been incredibly confusing to find that he was now a giant base, big enough for Godzilla to fight inside of...I would say "kaiju FANTASTIC VOYAGE," but they already did that in a Gamera movie!

Personally, I think the real mistake here was trying to push the "G-Force" idea...yes, I know in all those 90's movies, there is "G" everything, but in America, for my generation, G-Force is forever connected to BATTLE OF THE PLANETS...heck, even a later re-dub of Gatchaman was called G-FORCE.

Aside from all the confusion, it turns out that a giant base shaped like Mecha-King Ghidorah is pretty awesome.  I think, instead of two tiny (completely out of scale) Power Ranger rip-offs, a Mecha-King Ghidorah minifigure would have made this set perfect, and simultaneously solved the confusion of whether Ghidorah was now a cyborg, or a place to hang out.

There are plenty of play-features in this playset, and it folds up to make a very impressive-looking model of the kaiju in question. Also, unlike the first series, the backing card has been made generic, so it's the same for all four of the 1995 playsets.

*Gone are buildings and famous landmarks, but instead, we get a launchable Garuda ship.
*Lots of moving parts, including a large hangar door, a transport crane, ramp for the Garuda ship, and missile launcher.
*The giant wings don't do anything, but folded up, the playset looks really sweet.
Tomorrow, Godzilla wakes up to find himself in a giant MechaGodzilla head.  Who writes this stuff????!!

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