Godzilla Lobby Cards (part four) and More!

I'm continuing my adventures through lots of cool magazines, but before we look at a few classic Godzilla articles from Famous Monsters, here are three amazing vintage lobby cards I recently acquired, and a couple of other oddities:
Godzilla meets Angilas for the first time (as enemies!) in my second lobby card from GIGANTIS THE FIRE MONSTER (the U.S. version of GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN)
I was lucky enough to get a lobby card for FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD featuring monster action, but somebody colored poor Baragon rather greenish here!
It's not a Toho classic, but the American film THE LAND UNKNOWN still offers some great dinosaur action just the same.
Two different models of speakers from vintage (and now long-gone) drive-in theaters! These are going straight into The Sphinx's Museum of Antiquated Technology (M.A.T.)! Well, it's actually my garage.
As we segue back into cool items from vintage magazines, here is an ad from a very different time: 1980! Let the sad irony wash over you for a moment.

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KL from NYC said...

Neat Drive-In Theater speakers.
I'd never seen any close-up before.