Vintage Cool Items - Continued

More assorted coolness from piles of old awesome media I recently inherited:
Original newpaper clipping for GODZILLA 1985
The cover to FANTASTIC FILMS #24 (June 1981) announcing the debut of the famous STAR WARS Radio Drama
Here's something interesting I hadn't run into before:  Bill Stout artwork, and the caption says it was to be used as the cover for the forthcoming EMPIRE STRIKES BACK soundtrack LP, which certainly didn't happen, at least not in the United States.  From the layout, it looks more like gatefold artwork, but who knows. (from FANTASTIC FILMS #18, September 1980)
Page 1 of two-page spread advertising vintage Kenner Star Wars figures, with very entertaining descriptions (from FAMOUS MONSTERS #166, August 1980)
Page 2 of the same!

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