Don Adams Meets the Roving Reporter (Crescendo, 1965)

Here is a real treat.  This will completely make up for "Wacky Winners, Vol. 1."  The great Don Adams, in a just-before-GET SMART album of nightclub appearances and skits.  Incidentally, he is not the "roving reporter" as the cover would have you believe.  In fact, his "straight man" is completely uncredited, which is too bad, because he is obviously good in his own rite, and he exhibits a skill for several voices and accents.  But, in the end, it's Adams' LP, and is delightful from start to finish.  If you are like me, this record will make you lament that fact that he's no longer with us, like so many great comedians.

One other note--the track listing doesn't follow the back cover, or the label, even.  It seems to be closer to the listing on the front cover, just going by memory.  
LINK:  Don Adams Meets the Roving Reporter

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